Maxine Waters by no means is a celebrity but her followers might think so, along with Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster, Madonna and Johnny Depp all have a secret poisonous plot to kill Trump. Behind the Hollywood glitter lies a secret plot in which the power of persuasion and hatred has been bestowed upon their fans. Stardom, fame and being a public figure has blindly convinced thousands if not millions that Trump needs to be impeached or better yet killed. Madonna's public announcement that the White House needs to be blown up clearly is a public persuasion and even an invitation to kill Trump.
There is no denying that the hatred they have publicly displayed for Trump has created a movement in which millions of people, who have no idea on fact checking are now blindly part of the lynch mob. In many cases people know it's FAKE NEWS but they still choose to join the movement to achieve their personal agenda regardless of the racism and division its creating. Race bating has become a normal tool in spreading an agenda.  Do we spread lies to win our agenda? The next question is what is our true agenda if we are willing to make the world a hateful place just to have our presidential pick? 
We cannot deny that CNN, CBS, NBC Huffington Post created FAKE NEWS for the purpose to smear Trump's 2016 campaign so that Hillary would win. Most higher IQ people saw through the fake news and could clearly see that every news story was slanted or was a flat out lie to make Trump look like a racist or what ever evil angle they could portray by twisting the real true story.
Are you in the the photo to the left?  The "Lynch Mob" ? Are you creating hatred by spreading fake news? Many millions of people now have developed a hatred or dislike for White, Black and Hispanic people because of fake news.  We are repeating the what Hitler did and seen in the 15th century when innocent people were burned alive for being a supposedly a witch. WE THE PEOPLE must expose fake news immediately or the only agenda that will be achieved will be a world of hate.  
Do you really need to hear what happen to the Afro-American in the picture to your left? When people forget history they always seem to sadly repeat it.
In 2016 CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, and the Huffington Post and other media outlets convinced 43% of Americans that Trump was a racist, a woman hater who sexually assaulted women. Out of the millions of Americans you and I know that there are a large handful of very mentally hurt people who have every reason to want to kill Trump because they were abused and they want vengeance or in their eyes, justice. 
This is a very dangerous time in which one could easily create hatred towards an innocent person based of fake news. This is NOT to say Trump is innocent or not but one must admit the news is not reliable and is dividing our country.  

What if the above media had 99% exaggerated and
twisted the truth and created a lynch mob? Based on pure lies and stirring up racism and twisting the truth to the point the media is leading the lynch mob? 100% knowing they are leading the people to execute Trump or at least get people to hate him.   
Do you think its possible that you are one of the people in the above picture? The majority of you will say NO!  
As the writer of this website I hope and pray that Donald Trump is never assassinated but in many people's hearts they have already killed him. It's hard to see the truth when you are poisoned and blinded by hatred and do not fact check. Be warned that even CNN claims they fact check which is also FAKE NEWS.
You have every right to have hatred for racism and if you are "of color" and you were inflicted by racism why would you want to have history repeat itself? Vengeance will never fix people but love and forgiveness will. Love is the only way to make a change. Do not watch the lynch mob media as you might later find yourself in the picture.
Written by Brad Morehouse